Warsaw is likable…

IMG_5084 At the end of April we visited the capitol city – Warsaw.


We started our trip with sightseeing of Warsaw Uprising Museum where history of the Uprising and its fatal effect that got imprinted for many years in post-war appearance of reconstructed capitol was presented.
Photos of every life during Warsaw Uprising were exhibited in modern industrial decor which implicated a feeling of terror. We will especially remember a 3D film about ruined Warsaw seen with eyes of soldiers that came to relieve it.

Next place on our sightseeing map was an Invisible Exhibition which brought on many experiences by introducing us to the world of people who had to replace sight with other senses.
First day in Warsaw finished with a delicious dinner and a dancing party.





Saturday started with sightseeing of Powąski, a cemetery with in over 1 million graves, where well-deserves Poles like writers, poets, painters, artists and scholars are buried. It is impossible to mention them all.
Jagoda was our guide at the cemetery. She could talk about people buried there and beautiful grave stones for hours.


We also visited one of a few left, after WW2, Warsaw relicts – Summer Residence of John III Sobieski, Palace in Wilanów. In the palace museum we admired paintings by famous as well as unknown painters. Gallery of unique and precious portraits and beautiful every day use objects got our special interest.



We spent Saturday evening at Komedia Theatre. We watched a classic comedy ‘Conservator’ (of flat surfaces) in which best polish actors appeared. Fast-flowing action, comedy with a sentimental note and fabulous acting will remain in our memory for long. After ‘Conservator’ additional play ‘Best of the best’ was presented. It was a journey through best polish 60’s – 90’s wows. Actors from Roma Theatre along with a Director of Komedia Theatre reminded us all well known and loved hits from those days. Whole of the numerous audience enjoyed the show and sang along. The next day nearly all of trip participants suffered from hoarseness.



On Sunday morning we supported competitors of running marathon which took place at streets of Warsaw. We admired marathoners among whom we saw elders as well as mothers with children and disabled people.
Next goal of the trip was a visit to King’s Castle. Caste was accurately rebuild in 70’s after it got badly damaged during the war. In overwhelming interiors we admired original features which were returned to the castle thank to prof. Stanisław Lorentz.




During a walk through Old Town we entered a famous Fukiers Cafe anda basilica of Saint John the Baptist. Basilica is one of the oldest temples in Warsaw and important place for polish culture and tradition. Within it walls priest Piotr Skarga declaiment sermons, royals got married, kings were coronated, funerals of high figures took place. Here Constitution of May 3 was sworn.





Our last destination was a Copernicus Science Centre. Despite our concern everyone loved it. Please imagine that an eternal child lives in every one. Even the most temperate trip members played and enjoyed different experiences like children. This is how ore 3 day trip to Warsaw ended.

What’s more to say, Warsaw is likable…