About Us

Traveler’s Club was created by the Communal House of Culture in Gostyni in September 2007 by director Jolanta Rynkiewicz-Kotwasińska. The creation of the Club was to integrate the community Gostyń and Wyry. The main purpose of the Club was interesting leisure activities by participating in excursions bus, cycling and walking, organizing lectures and meetings with residents who like tourism. Since September of 2007 to August 2012 Krystyna Czardybon, Jolanta Rynkiewicz-Kotwasińska and Pelagia Stolz dealt with orginizing trips. On 9 January 2012 it was taken initiative to establish the Association of Travelers TRAMP. The Association of Travelers TRAMP,  like Traveler’s Club, proposes interesting bus tours. You are read about them on the page “ We were” and “We will”. We organize meetings with residents who like tourism. Since 2014 year  our members and the citizens of the village Wyry periodically take part in organized activities learning English, which enjoys unflagging popularity. We have completed projects: “Forever Young” and “More than just finger across the map” funded within ‘Act Locally’ project. Closer to Europe  funded by the Municipal Office Wyry. We meet every month. In this year, we will meet  in the seconds Fridays.