IMG_0533About his trip to India said Krzysztof Błasiok, whose way of spending this holiday trips to interesting places and culturally different from European standards. Photos that we saw showed only the colors of the distant country – women dressed in traditional saria, abundance of palaces and temples, the colors of stalls and shops, colorfully decorated vehicles and animals. India is a country of contrasts, rich palaces, modern hotels and shabby tents. The splendor of the Taj Mahal and misery “street”. What you can not pass is a distinct smell of spices and incense, the taste of Indian cuisine and the sounds of the street – you have to experience yourself


The meeting was held within the project “More than just finger across the map” funded within ‘Act Locally VIII’ project, Polish – American Freedom Foundation conducted by the Academy Growth of Philanthropy in Poland “and the Centre Act Locally – Youth Forum of Local Government, implemented by the Association of Travelers TRAMP of the Municipal public Library in Gostyni.