CHORZÓW – “Sylwester Bis 2016”

Szyb Prezydent
Szyb Prezydent

On Saturday afternoon, February 19th we visited Chorzów. We stayed in the complex “Sztygarka” on the wonderful apple pie and coffee. Complex “Sztygarka” created in the old buildings of the mine President. In the baths, in social housing and warehouses of the former mine their place were: President Restaurant, Café at the Tower, Touch SPA, Warehouse Liquid Air, Music Club Oxygen and others. The most striking remnant of mine is a 42-meter tower shaft “President”, which it recalls the history of the city and gives Sztygarce unique atmosphere to this day.






We spent the evening in the Teatr Rozrywki on on the performance “Sylwester Bis 2016 – Postcards from the calendar”. Apart from the good fun we had the opportunity to meet some holidays on the calendar. Most stuck in our memory: the International Day Without Rack, International Hangover’s Day, Henpecked”s Day, Day of the Good Marriage. These and many other Days they were presented with the funny interpretation of old and new hits.
The entire theater audience sang this hits with the actors.