1 meeting with people who spend their holidays in an interesting and intense.

September 25 – Mr. Richard Stawowy talked about bicycle tours and preparation accompanying the expedition. This year, Mr. Richard, along with a group of friends went to Romania. The route led through the Carpathian Mountains. The highest point of the trip was cycling on the road Transalpina, which climbs to a height of 2140 m above sea level. Mr. Richard summed up the trip words:
We arrived … .it was worth it for the views, met the people and for himself. Traveled the 1260 km … .and 14000 meters of climbing …

 The meeting was held within the project “More than just finger across the map” funded within ‘Act Locally VIII’ project, Polish – American Freedom Foundation conducted by the Academy Growth of Philanthropy in Poland “and the Centre Act Locally – Youth Forum of Local Government, implemented by the Association of Travelers TRAMP of the Municipal public Library in Gostyni.