At the end of November in the south-eastern part of Burgundy (central France) between Lyon and Macon traditionally celebrated on the feast of young wine called Beaujolais Nouveau. Although the custom of drinking young wine in the Beaujolais region existed for a long time, global festival associated with this wine has only existed since 1985. Every year, thousands of bottles opened to enjoy its fruit and sour slight aroma.

This year, members of the SP TRAMP joined the ranks of celebrating and got acquainted not only with the young French wine but also excellent French cuisine.


Thierry – a real French chef, prepared the feast all day. When the evening we met at the small hall of the House of Culture, we found the whole table spread with appetizer, which enjoyed not only the palate but also the eyes. We could taste the wonderful salad with salmon and chicken, toast with tapenandą, dried meats and pastries with different additives. The hit of the evening turned out to be the mussels in a sauce of Roquefort. For dessert, do not run out of French cheeses that perfectly harmonize with young wine.







Mrs. Elizabeth brings us the customs of France and told various curiosities associated with French cuisine








French music accompanied us throughout the evening. We danced and enjoyed ourselves until morning.

  À bientôt!  next year