Moravian Karst and Brno – August 9


“Moravia in a nutshell” – so you can call our last trip. We visited Brno and the largest karst area in the Czech Republic – Moravian Karst.

In the complex Karst is an extensive network of underground corridors and halls, totaling about 1,100 caves, of which only 4 are available. We visited the most beautiful, longest and most spectacular – Cave River Punkvy. We admired formed by centuries of stalactites and stalagmites, curtains and draperies.P1000881



An unforgettable experience provided us with the underground rafting of Punkvy’s river.









The deepest abyss in Central Europe – The Macocha Abyss. Famous Macocha Abyss is more than 138 m deep and it is the biggest gorge of its kind in the Czech Republic and even in the Central Europe. Legends connected with it told our guide Mr. Richard.






Hungry and thirsty we went to a typical Czech dinner, which he could not do without beer and “knedliczków”.






 After lunch we went to the capital of Moravia – Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic. At the Old City we were on the 2nd markets that are named – Zelný Trh and Svoboda Square, walked into the courtyard of City Hall and the Cathedral of St. James. At the end we climbed the highest hill of Brno where we admired the city and the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. We came back home late, tired and satisfied.